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I'm Hime
Thats all you need to know
And i'm Married to Belphegor from KHR
Bitches Love me~
It was cold, all i could think about was that old stupid grand father clock going on beside me. I live in an old Victorian house not to far away from a graveyard and an old fishers pond. Some think that a graveyard is what seems to be bad horror story so cliche so old you think you'd know me but do you? I'm not being haunted, i'm simply going mad nothing in the world seems to add up and in my head if things don't add up someone loses their life. I live in my house ALONE no one protects me from myself they were only so greedy to protect them selves.They all tried to curse this place, burn me in it, trap me here but all they could every do was keep me in my room in the house with the grandfather clock to suffer. After awhile the Grandfather clock turns into a boy at midnight and he stare at me and smirks
"Nothings getting better for you, you do realize that right?" he whispers "do you still crave human flesh? or have you taken it out on their pretty eyes can you use your powers?"
Stupid little clock! The grandfather clock taunts me he laughs, chuckles, smiles at me but he never ever helps me. Stupid little clock he's stupid! and still i have no idea if i'm talking to myself or if this clock is really a human boy.
   I'm locked in this house for one reason and one reason only, i murdered my twin sister and i injured a little girl. Me eating a person was a big deal but i did cook them through and through i made sure that their bones had a nice little grave, their skin did serve as a good meal though...i am so hungry...i feel as though i have not eaten for days... I killed my sister because she was stealing my identity she had my face she was TOO much like ME i needed a way to end i killed her and kept her sparkly blue eyes to keep as a treasure but Mama and Papa were not pleased...i do not live to please anyone but myself, i do not head one's judgment for i never had and i never will...Every second feels like a day time is so fast yet it feels so slow, i can hardly breath between the two and so i am lost in my own MAD world where no one but myself can see why i tried so hard...but why am i trying? i feel so...just so...LOST...

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